The Story of Jaffic

After studying Product Design at University I really wanted to start my own design company. In 2010 I moved to Berlin and in a very short space of time I discovered how perfect the conditions were here to get a small design company started. With the well-attended local markets, an abundance of affordable fabric outlets, low-cost commercial rental space and the general respect and enthusiasm for local designers, I was given the encouragement and initial financial support that I needed to get through the first couple of years. I also met many other designers who were trying exactly the same thing and many have become good friends and collaborators.

After I started to work with Etsy, we realised what a great platform it is for independent designers from all disciplines. It allows people to grow without the constraints of working for larger companies, and it is doing exactly that for me. I love coming up with new ideas and seeing them develop over time or materialising into something unexpected.

We have a strong desire to become as sustainable and ethical as possible. This is why we started the Zero Waste Manufacturing technique. It is a method of cutting and making goods with almost zero waste.

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